# BringOutTheSmile
Instagram Competition # BringOutTheSmile

Καλοκαιρινό χαμόγελο!

Το χαμόγελό μας φτάνει μέχρι τα αυτιά μας για όλες τις μαγικές στιγμές, τις οποίες μοιράστηκαν μαζί μας, τον Ιούνιο, άνθρωποι από ολόκληρο τον κόσμο!

Ίσως να είναι το χαμόγελό σας που λάμπει στα καταστήματά μας
Βοηθήστε μας να γεμίσουμε αυτό το καλοκαίρι με χαμόγελα. Αφήστε το χαμόγελό σας να λάμψει, όπως έκαναν και όλοι αυτοί οι υπέροχοι, χαμογελαστοί άνθρωποι. Μοιραστείτε τις μαγικές καλοκαιρινές σας στιγμές στο Instagram. Μην ξεχάσετε να χρησιμοποιήσετε το tag #SummerOfSmiles 

Οι φωτογραφίες με τα καλύτερα χαμόγελα θα βρίσκονται στα καταστήματά μας τον Αύγουστο.
Ανυπομονούμε να δούμε τα καλοκαιρινά σας χαμόγελα!

Win Instagram Competition prize

Winner of #BringOutTheSmile competition


Terms and conditions of the #BringOutTheSmile competition

Who offers the competition?

Zebra A/S, Strandgade 71-73, 1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Company registration number: 15690488.

For how long does the competition run?

The competition runs from 14.04.17 til 19.05.17 at kl. 12 PM CET.

Who can participate?

The competition runs in all Flying Tiger Copenhagen countries (to claim the prize, it is a requirement to have a smartphone and an Instagram account – please see below elaboration under the section “How do I claim my prize?”).

How do I participate?

You can submit as many pictures as you like. The photo should be of you smiling, making a friend or a random stranger smile. The short story should explain what product and how it helped #BringOutTheSmile. The photo and short story should be shared via Instagram using #BringOutTheSmile @flyingtigercph

How do I claim my prize?

If you are the lucky winner, you will receive the happy message on Instagram on May 23rd at 16.00 CET. You will receive a direct message with further details on how to claim your prize. To redeem your prize, the store staff in your local area (prize pick up) will be notified to give you the prize in person. Please note that you need to collect the prize no later than 31 July 2017. You need to collect the prize in one of the stores located in the country where you were upon your participation of the competition. Please note that you will forfeit the prize without compensation if you do not collect it within the deadline. You cannot refund to cash. You are not entitled to transfer the prize to anyone else. Therefore, it is a requirement that you collect the prize yourself.

What can I win?

The prize consists of Flying Tiger Copenhagen products (value: DKK 500). To claim the prize, it is a requirement to have a smart phone. (Please see elaboration below under the section “How do I claim my prize?”). to be used in Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores located in the country where you were upon your participation in the competition. You participate automatically by posting an image on Instagram of a Flying Tiger Copenhagen product that makes you smile together with a short story and the #BringOutTheSmile.

How and when are the winners selected?

The winner is selected by a jury based on the criteria: creativity, aesthetics, and originality. The winner will be notified via private message on his/her Instagram account on 23.05.17 and announced on @flyingtigercph Instagram account.

You warrant...

You warrant that you hold all rights to the picture uploaded by you and that no rights are infringed by your post, including intellectual property rights. If your picture depicts people, you warrant that you have received sufficient consent to upload the picture. You will indemnify Zebra A/S for any justified claims related to your upload.

You grant...

You grant Zebra A/S [and its subsidiaries (members of the brand)] to reproduce, represent, and communicate to the public the winning picture, for information or promotion, without limitation on the number of reproductions and / or representations and waives any economical compensation. Zebra A/S is entitled (but not obligated) to disclose the winner’s Instagram name as well as his/her competition contribution.

Limitation of Liability

Zebra A/S reserves the right to modify, shorten, postpone or cancel the competition if necessary, without warning and without being held liable. Participants cannot make any claim for compensation whatsoever. Moreover, the participation in the competition implies understanding and acceptation of the characteristics, but also the limits of internet, especially in regards to quality, technical problems, or lack of protection against possible misuse.

Protection of personal details

All personal information will be dealt with by Zebra A/S [and its subsidiaries (members of the brand)] with the sole aim of managing the competition and will not be retained longer than necessary for management of the competition. Contestants have the right to access, rectify and oppose any information about themselves by contacting: competition@flyingtiger.com

Danish law

The competition and the terms of this document are governed by Danish law. Any dispute arising out of or about the competition and/or the terms of this document shall be settled by the Danish courts. The City Court of Copenhagen, Denmark will be the court of first instance.


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